Nigeria Has Both Debt and Revenue Problem

This research article aims to provide answers to the differences in analysts opinions on Nigeria having a debt problem or revenue problem by providing trend analysis of debt servicing in Nigeria, as well as compare debt services with capital expenditure over the period. It concluded by examining the budgeted revenue and actual revenue in 2018 to come about a conclusion on whether Nigeria has a debt problem or revenue problem.

How Competitive is the Nigerian Economy Compared to its Peers in Africa?

According to the WEF, a country’s performance on the overall GCI results as well as each of its components is reported as a ‘progress score’ on a 0-to-100 scale, where 100 represents the ‘frontier’, an ideal state where an issue ceases to be a constraint to productivity growth. This means that the more a country moves closer to 100 points, the better it is for her. The 2019 edition of the report therefore focuses on 141 economies of the world which account for 99% of the world’s GDP.