Kwara State 2020 Budget: Good Intentions, Faulty Assumptions

Total revenue as at October 2019 was N85.12 billion which shows that revenue underperformed by 34.69% when compared with N130.38 billion projected revenue for 2019. Total expenditure as at October 2019 on the other hand, was N77.37 billion which also underperformed by 40.66% when compared with the projected expenditure of N130.38 billion for 2019.

With Saudi Aramco, Oil is not Dead Yet

On Wednesday 11 of December, the World’s largest integrated oil and gas company (and fourth largest integrated refiner in the world) officially listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange after its IPO by selling 1.5% (equivalent to 3 billion shares) of the company’s share capital ($1.7 trillion at valuation) to the public, thereby making it surpass the amount Alibaba raised in 2014 ($25 billion) as it raised a record $25.5 billion- Largest IPO in the history of mankind.

Nigeria Has Both Debt and Revenue Problem

This research article aims to provide answers to the differences in analysts opinions on Nigeria having a debt problem or revenue problem by providing trend analysis of debt servicing in Nigeria, as well as compare debt services with capital expenditure over the period. It concluded by examining the budgeted revenue and actual revenue in 2018 to come about a conclusion on whether Nigeria has a debt problem or revenue problem.